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Les plus grands réseaux sociaux africains

2 years ago in Interest-based Social Networking Blog, News and Updates | Yaamo Blog

Ces 2 réseaux sociaux 100% sont “made in Africa” et font la fierté de l’Afrique. Si l’engouement suscité par des réseaux étrangers comme Facebook, Twitter, ou encore LinkedIn est très puissant, il n’étouffe pas les tentatives africaines en la matière. Les réseaux suivants sont africains et, dans certains pays, ils cartonnent aussi bien que les grands classiques. Mivasocial Avec un financement de plus de $2M et plus de 5 millions de membres dans les 2 dernières années, Mivasocial est sans doute le réseaux social africain le plus sérieux. Mivasocial est une plateforme sociale polyvalente pour l’Afrique. Avec Mivasocial, vous pouvez vous connecter à 54 réseaux sociaux spécifiques à chaque pays africain au réseau social de toute l’Afrique, à un réseau social pour la diaspora africaine et à d’autres réseaux sociaux uniquement africains. C’est votre choix. Mivasocial n’est pas votre réseau → Read More…

Making the case for Change in the way the web works

6 years ago in Interest-based Social Networking Blog, News and Updates | Yaamo Blog


There is no doubt whatsoever that the world flows today around the Web. Even the non-believers find themselves in the web at some point of their journey in this life. I sometimes can’t help but wonder if there is something similar on the other side of this wonderful life.. Ah! there goes a thought! Did Spiders actually create the Web? The Web though in its glamour lacks interesting organization leaving it to each one of us to navigate our way through this Spider Web. Many times we just get caught and forget what we were after in the first place. How many times have you started searching for something only to stumble upon something completely unrelated that ends up taking the rest of your valuable time? It certainly happens to me quite often. This is the beauty and the curse → Read More…


6 years ago in Interest-based Social Networking Blog, News and Updates | Yaamo Blog

This is not your grandfather’s business environment. It sure isn’t business as usual. Navigating a business through this current jungled business forest is not for wussies. Today when any company decides to go into business, there are many new rules of engagement that come into focus. The Internet and its tethered siblings bring serious challenges as companies attempt to engage customers and build a sustainable brand. It’s not strength alone that enables companies to go the long haul; building a sustainable brand demands a multifaceted approach and a solid hybrid technology strategy. A hybrid technology approach is really an intentional and deliberate strategy of using social media and the underpinning technologies to support its smooth running. Companies now have to be in their customers’ faces constantly. Period! Customers now want to know what kind of corporate culture you espouse as → Read More…

Mining Social Media Connections

6 years ago in Interest-based Social Networking Blog, News and Updates | Yaamo Blog

As the information juggernaut swiftly moves across the business landscape despite its size, it’s leaving a trail of mineable data confetti. Good and bad. As the database has risen to become the de facto repository of critical business data, so social media has become the data candy that businesses are drooling over. It provides businesses wanting to get inside the minds of consumers the Holy Grail of all business data… what you like. Social media is quietly distilling human behavior patterns in many ways. As analysts pour over data collected from social media activities its frightening what that data reveals. That data reveals where you shop, where you live, who your friends are, what your interests are, who you are following, who or what you like, how many kids you have, what kinds of games you or your kids play, → Read More…

Yaamo.com: The No-Brainer

6 years ago in Interest-based Social Networking Blog, News and Updates | Yaamo Blog

The internet as it was five years ago served as a harbinger for innovative new ways to connect people with social online activities. Social media web activity is still evolving and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It is the prevailing zeitgeist for all intents and purposes. The obvious social media leading platforms found a way to connect people with their friends. Facebook has done this very well. Twitter has found a way to build a loyal following around its 140 characters short message format. Their connection is the ability to say what’s important and trending in the fewest words possible. It was magical. Google+ has its own idiosyncratic social hooks with its unique ability to connect groups of people with its brand of hangouts and useful encompassing technology. After all this is Google. Pinterest is a → Read More…

Maximizing Social Media for Profit and Good

6 years ago in Interest-based Social Networking Blog, News and Updates | Yaamo Blog

We are in a new era where social media is becoming ubiquitously predominant. Consequently, we can no longer ignore its influence. The reason that social media has become so obtrusive is because it is subtly attempting to make an impersonal technology i.e. the Internet more personal. Noticeably however, it is succeeding. As a result of its impending advance as an under culture of the overarching Internet, it behooves businesses to harness this social undercurrent as an important arsenal in their overall corporate strategy. Big business as well as small business can harness social media in many ways. Facebook was lucky. They got there first. There is something to say about getting there first. The momentum of getting there first is undoubtedly the marker for making money quickly before creative juices go away. Google+ is quietly advancing and using clever social → Read More…

Yaamo.com: What Interests you?

6 years ago in Interest-based Social Networking Blog, News and Updates | Yaamo Blog

If there ever was a time to carefully examine the social media tsunami as regards to interest, Yaamo.com deserves a look. Sure, Pinterest.com allows you to pin images of things that interest us but monetizing interests belongs to yaamo.com. Yaamo is about who you are as a business, your soul brand, your business identity. They have re-engineered what interests you as a business and connects you to the world of people who are interested in your brand of products and services. So what are you interested in? What is your brand of products and services? Perhaps yaamo.com needs some looking into. -Mark Yaamo.com

The most versatile Interest based Social network

6 years ago in Interest Based Social Networking, Interest-based Social Networking Blog, News and Updates | Yaamo Blog

Yaamo - One interest-based social network to rule them all

The rise of Interest based Social networks – A look at Yaamo Interest-based networking is quickly becoming the new trend in Social Networking. Even though Players like Pinterest and in some extent Twitter have essentially opened the door to the new trend, their effectiveness remains to be seen. An effective Leader is needed to provide a clear direction and Solution to the fundamental problems inherent to duplicating Human Interaction online. Human interaction by definition is physical, Spiritual and interest based i.e. driven by affinity. Friendships and followings no longer solve the real need of human to interact effectively. A change-up is needed. Yaamo fills the gap. Yaamo = Identity + Interest Yaamo is the newest serious interest-based networking player to enter the field. Yaamo brings in fresh new ideas based purely on human identity and Interest. The saying goes: “You → Read More…

What is the best way for small businesses to advertise?

7 years ago in Interest-based Social Networking Blog, News and Updates | Yaamo Blog

image - Interest-based advertising with Yaamo

What is the best way for small businesses to advertise on the Web? Advertising is essential for any Small business trying to grow. Many small Businesses do come to realize this only to also find out that the options out there are hard, expensive and sometimes too difficult to implement. As a small Business you are faced with the fact that you must understand Ad targeting, banner creation, Ad positioning, the difference between Text and display Ads, daily budgets, pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, Ad spot bidding, Mobile Ads and many more. It is frankly not easy. So what a small Business to do? Yaamo is a new service that aims to ease the burden of effective advertising on Small Business. The goal is to make the process purely easy and to take away the burden of learning all the jargon and intricacy → Read More…

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